Groton Maritime Academy
A Positive Youth Experience

The Maritime Education Foundation Mission

The MARITIME EDUCATION FOUNDATION of CONNECTICUT, Inc. endeavors to foster an appreciation by youth of the recreational, educational, and occupational opportunities along with historical and environmental perspectives of our coastal region.
The Foundation supports and funds the Groton Maritime Academy, where youth become cadets and are introduced to the Academy through an intense three-week summer program that is filled with wide variety of maritime activities. Graduated cadets may then continue on with the Academy through other activities and receive advanced training in seamanship with leadership responsibilities. Because the Academy collaborates with area businesses and other community organizations involved in the maritime, graduated cadets are exposed to a wide variety of maritime occupation opportunities and may receive job placement assistance.


The MARITIME EDUCATION FOUNDATION of CONNECTICUT, Inc. is a non-profit, tax exempt corporation established in 2003 under the laws of the State of Connecticut.
The purpose of the FOUNDATION is to receive and administer funds, vessels, and other property to meet the financial, educational, and recreational needs of the GROTON MARITIME ACADEMY. The FOUNDATON may also establish and support other academies, provide scholarships or other educational programs that are in accord with the mission of the FOUNDATION. In furthering these aims, the FOUNDATION works indirectly, as well as directly with a variety of organizations, businesses and institutions that are involved in the maritime sector.

Simply stated, the objective of the MARITIME EDUCATION FOUNDATION of CONNECTICUT, Inc. is to distribute available funds and resources in such a manner that will bring the greatest possible experience to each cadet involved in the Academy or other funded program.